Family Tree Maker Software available for the Mac?

Family Tree Maker is an application software which allows different operating systems to run on it. With the help of family tree maker genealogy software researcher can track and collect the information while researching their ancestor and relatives across the world.

Family Tree Maker Available For Mac ?
FTM also allow one of the best feature that is to create a the tree so the user can create reports, charts and books that can contain important data for the future use.
Problems you can face with the current version of family tree maker 2017 version 23.2 on the mac computers are crashing again and again, not opening even close it with the force quit and last but not the least that is not getting synced with the ancestry.

So these are the major and the regular problems that any user can came with up so in order to get rid of it or resolve it. You should at least reboot your device and check the updates of your current operating system. The latest version of Mac computer is Mojave.

Family Tree Maker Important Uses

today I would like to talk to you about the way I used the many notes features within the family tree maker program I've planned to do at least one more video on this topic Plus.

what the schedule I hangout on air with my cousin and friend dear Myrtle as she always helps me through these little projects this is a follow-up of a blog post that I did on April 14th called notes.

Notes in more notes I will put that link to the blog post when I share I share this in the community so I'm going to start out with a slideshow only to help me remember.

what I want to talk about and then we will get right into doing some live testing so this is about how I how I use the note features as an overview will get into more detail at a later time.

So there's I just want to talk about a number of sort of note fields that are in the family tree maker program for example the person notes and there's a lot of some hidden things.

Family Tree Maker Where to Find Info in Genealogy Database

where I may find or I will find additional information about specific things like Fort Leavenworth there's a wiki Wikipedia website that talks about for Leavenworth.

I like it have it I'd like to have this link in my database so I can go to it from within the database so this is the second use of the web links tab one for I can get go to websites.

My family tree maker program
I find interesting information like about a Civil War battle or how I did a blog post on Samuel or Vivian so that's the name of that tune and that's how that's .

how I'm linking my family tree maker program to my blog post where I have documented some of the conflicting information that I have work through in in my blog post so not in my genealogy database now at some point in time.

I may transcribed that blog post and put it into the notes for that person but in the meantime I've got it I've already written it up so why not use it so in that's my notion at the moment at how t…

Family Tree Maker History and Record Help

I had a graphic that I put in there that that brick wall went down well the bottom line is as far as the records.

That I've seen and I've been looking for this for a long time they probably died without a in a document that I found at the Maryland Archives he probably died without any children so that's.

Why the brick wall came down because we believe that he died without any children but the cleat again the clue is that I have the blog post here down in the web links tab.

FTM Records 
I see it up here along with the facts how those two examples were onesies and twosies but I get another one here which I haven't done all the I haven't done the links yet but.

I will do that and that is I have a cavalry unit that 11th cavalry you see down here these links are legs to web sites that have a history of since this is a Civil War unit I have history in information about all of the battles right in my database.

I'm not gonna probably not going to do it on this unit for…

Family Tree Maker (FTM) History and Issue

I want to make this link available online or not at the moment it is not because I have marked at private I may change my mind going forward.

When this tree is online but at least in Family Tree Maker 2018 when I'm working on a personal I see the web address because I normally don't look at the web links tab but.

I want to look because I've got it up here so because I normally work in a task menu or the research notes menu but I wanted something to wake me up that looked down here in the web links let me give you another example.

Family Tree Maker Issue 
I'm going to give the example of Samuel know Samuel if I go to Samuel I know who his parents are I believe and I know that he's been married but.

I can't find any records on him but I did a lot of research trying to find who he was and I go to the people people workspace person view and there is a blog post and in that blog post.

I'll bring it over so you can see what the black looks like it says hints to s…

Family Tree Maker (FTM) Software History and Problems

I can open up the blog that was created and I'm going to bring it up wrote it on the screen and here is the link that I put in to my blog and there's a link and and this is what I wrote up about this problem.

That I have how I connected to these three people in my database they weren't in the database and I had a problem but how I solved that problem.

I had already done my own research but I described how I resolved that problem in the blog post including citations on that census record and how I in fact resolved the problem that.

Family Tree Maker 2018 Help
I had and it took me and I wrote it up in the blog post now that blog that information in the blog is not in Family Tree Maker yet.

I may or may not but what I did was put a link to that blog post in the web links tab and because I want to be able to find it again.

I also created a web links the web address links to that blog post included and I included the citation so I can get to it I haven't figured out whethe…

Family Tree Maker History Part - 2

I thought about how what does that mean for me or what can I do about that and what I realized so when I did looking at my blog post.

I have done a couple of I won't call it proof arguments but I have worked through some situations in my database but I didn't put the information in my database.

I in fact did it in a blog post let me demonstrate that here I have a lady Vivian Howard Worthington and I was trying to make a connection between myself and a cousin that I made and I had their tree in my tree but.

Family Tree Maker 2018 History 
I couldn't figure out where they matched up because there was something wrong in one of the trees so I'm going to select her and go to the people person view and what I did is I put the web address to my blog post in two places I want to be able to see it as a fact and I have a custom fact that.

I created called web address and I have in the web links tab at the bottom I have the name of the blog post and the web address for it now I&…